A Message from DGP Maharashtra

 Subodh Kumar Jaiswal

Director General of Police, Maharashtra.

Running has changed many lives and to translate this change into transforming lives of many more citizens, Maharashtra Police is organizing the MAHARASHTRA POLICE INTERNATIONAL MARATHON, in Mumbai, on 9th February. 


New year 2020 marks a new milestone for India of being the youngest country in the world. Which means we have the maximum number of youngsters in our country. As rightly suggested by our honourable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, this young energy needs to be harnessed by inspiring the youth to make fitness a part of their daily lives.  


Driven by this mission, your own Maharashtra Police urges you to run for celebrating this young energy, to run for togetherness, and to run for a firm resolve to fitness. The MPIM represent the values, valour, and virtues that the services stands for. It is a run to reaffirm people's faith, to build safer spaces and share a relationship of trust, harmony and unity amongst people and their police. 

Running indeed changes lives, but running with a purpose redefines future. 

We call forward all the citizens on the 9th February to run together and resolve for fitness. Be a part of this historic event to celebrate the oneness of citizens and police department towards building a better tomorrow and a better India. 

Remember, each of you is police in civils and each of us a citizen in uniform. 


Let us all put on our ruining shoes to run for our youth, for the pride of our police department and for a fit India. Come, let’s redefine our future. 

We are ready. ARE YOU?


Date: 9th Feb 2020 

Let's discover the power of  Maharashtra as it decides to run to redefine future!

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