Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q    What is the last date of registration?

A    Registrations for the event are open till 31st January 2020.

Q    Can I participate in multiple race categories?

A    No. You can only participate in one race category.

Q    There was a problem during registration. I have been charged but I did not receive a confirmation. What should I do? 

A    Contact us at

Q    I have made a mistake in one of my registration fields. How do I correct it?

A    Contact us at

Q    Can I change my category once I have registered?

A    A change of category would be possible till 31st January. If the participant chooses to run a lesser distance, that would be accommodated, but it would not be possible to refund the difference in registration fees. If the participant chooses to run a longer distance such request would be accommodated subject to the payment of the difference amount between the two race distances. No requests for change of category or refund will be entertained after 31st January in any case.

Q    Can I transfer/cancel my registration? Will there be any refund?

A    There will be no refund in case of cancellation of registration. However till 31st January a participant can transfer his or her registration(s) to others. Only in a few and genuine cases, with substantiation, and at our sole discretion, an a full refund be considered but with a deduction of processing fee charges @6%.

Q    Is there a minimum/maximum age for participants?

A    Minimum age limit is 12 years for 5 Kms, 16 years for 16 Kms, 18 years for 21kms & 42Kms. 

Q    Can I register manually (offline)?

A    You will have to register online. There are no offline registrations accepted. 

Q    Is there any Early bird offer or group discount for participants?

A    There are no discounts available for any of the categories.

Q    Does the race have cut off times?

A    The cut off time for the Full Marathon is 6 hours 30 minutes , Half Marathon is 3 hours 30 minutes. 

Q    Are t-shirts available for all race categories?

A    Yes. 

Q    When is the BIB Distribution?

A    Bib distribution will be held on 6th, 7th 8th of February, 2020. 

Q    Where is the event going to be conducted?

A    The event is going to be conducted at Gateway Of India (42.195km & 5km) & Sea Link (21.097km & 10miles/16kms).

Q    When will I get my Race Kit?

A    At the time of the bib distribution.

Q    Will the timing chip be provided?

A    Yes, timing chip will be provided for all participants.

Q    Are there cash prizes?

A    Yes. Please visit (website page link) to be added.

Q    Are there age categories for prizes?

A    Please visit( about race link ) for all the information. 

Q    Will there be a baggage counter?

A    Yes. There will be a baggage counter at the race venue. (Only for 42.195km , 21.097km & 16km categories.)All baggage collected at holding area of 21.097km & 16km will be brought to Gateway Of India finish line Baggage counter and runners may collect thme post race.

Q    What's the start time of the race?

A    Race Start Timings:  

A    42.195 Km Run (Timed Run) : 05:00 AM

A    21.097 Km Run (Timed Run) : 05:00 AM

A    10miles / 16km Run (Timed Run) : 05:40 AM

A    5 Km Run (Timed Run) : 08:00 AM

Q    What will be the route?

A    Please visit (about race link) for information related to the route. 

Q    No.of water and hydration station available and at what distance?

A    There will be water/ hydration stations at every  2.5km on the route. For the exact location/ distance, please see the route map uploaded on the website. In addition, there will be a water station immediately after the Finish Point. Also, each finisher gets a 500 ml water bottle, Fast N Up, Amul Chaas & Kellogs refreshments  in his/ her post-race refreshment bag.

Q    No.of Medical Stations available?

A    Yes, there will be medical + physio pit stops at every 5km on route.

Q    Will there be a Medical Base Camps?

A    Yes, there will be a medical base camp at the Gateway of India  holding area with 2 Ambulances.

Q    Will fruits and biscuits be provided on the route?

A    Bislery Water, Fast N Up and cut oranges will be provided on the route at designated aid stations.

Q    No of Mobile Toilets avaliable?

A    There will be adequate number of portable toilets at the holding area as well as on the route. In addition, there are ample Public Toilets on the route which are being sanitised for the event and made available to the participants for usage.

Q    Will there be any signage board or volunteers available for direction?

A    Yes, there will be signage boards and volunteers at the event venue and all along the route.

Q    Will Refreshments or breakfast be available?

A    Yes, there will be post race refreshment for the participants.

Q    Will the finisher get the certificate, medal?

A    Yes, all the runners will get medals and certificate for the event.

*Timings are subject to change if need be & the same will be announced through social media announcements and race day handbooks.

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