A Message from Our Race Director

Roads are lifelines of a country and it's people. Roads take you places and also bring you home closer to yourself. But most of all road is the biggest leveller. Everyone is common here. 

We invite you to a monumental journey on road, where your feet become your wheels and your strength becomes your fuel. We invite you to run in the Mumbai police international marathon, on 9 th February  alongside your very own police force.

The MPIM Mumbai  envisages our police personnel as catalysts and pioneers for countrywide Fit India Movement as mandated in DGsP and IGsP conference 2019.

The DG's conferences year on year from 2013-2019 have laid great stress on community outreach through special focus on sporting events for a fit police force alongside fit people. The MPIM stands to represent the vallour, virtues and the values that the services stands for. It is a run to reaffirm our people's faith in us, to build safer spaces and to stand United in the service of our people and the personnel.

Every unit of Maharashtra  Police has been called to send 100 to 200 fittest of their personnel, screened by their heads. In addition  we are organising  this marathon  for not only the nebhouring states but also from the police forces of other parts of our nation . The revolution of fitness will spread Nationwide with these representatives of various units  as role models.

Krishna Prakash IPS
Spl. IGP M.S. ( Admin)

We are also proud to announce our  with 35  gyms across Maharashtra for organizing this marathon,so that none of you is left out in contributing to building your nation and hold pride in Maharashtra Police. You can run during the expo and at the finish line as well .

The idea is ' all of us running together'. For every kilometer you run on tread  the corporates are giving out CSR funds to support the NGOs that work closely with police such as Salam balak trust, disha for victims  , Care  for you.

If you are a corporate willing to partner or an NGO looking to join hands,MPIM invites one and all.

In this festival of fitness, we have also involved our school students as MPIM  is organizing an interschool band competition at prominent places, to bring police and society closer as  directed in DG's conference 2016. 

MPIM is beyond a marathon. It's a revolution. It's a resolve for a better India and better tomorrow. It's a tread for change to take additional stride to light the lamps of marginalised. It's encompassing with no bias of gender, caste, creed, physical abilities, age or city with everyone as just a common citizen. It's a run that diminishes differences. It's a run of togetherness. 

Nothing extraordinary is required here, only courage. Courage to encounter discomfort and stay with it long enough to be strengthened by it. With courage anyone can win a medal here. 

Whosoever you may be, pick up all your courage and show up, for yourself, for the pride of your policemen, for your fellow countrymen and most of all for your INDIA.

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