The Maharashtra Police has taken an initiative to organise a Marathon event for the first time with the theme “unity, safety & security” to strengthen its ties between the Police Force and the Fellow Citizens, thereby paving the path of progress and bringing the whole community together. Building a safe environment, fit for living is not the responsibility of the designated few. It is the oneness among the citizens and the force to make resolution towards betterment. Let’s walk together, run together and resolve together for fitness, unity, safety, security and progress.

The core purpose is to open up people’s mind-set and showcase the virtues, services, sacrifices and glory of the Police Force which built on values of Trust, Service, Commitment, Safety, Security, Unity & Harmony. It’s not about the power we have, it’s about our commitment to provide the common man with a safer environment. The objective is to create a sense of oneness among the citizens irrespective of any social barriers or age, and the force through being part of this iconic run.

Our resolve cannot be achieved with enforcement. It is together with you, that we can overcome the challenges our society faces today.
● This Marathon is not just any other running event but an event built on new perspective.
● This Marathon is not only about running for a cause of winning, about coming together
with force that has committed themselves to internal security
● This Marathon is not just for growing network, but about strengthening ties between the
protected & protector.
● This Marathon is not just to grab attention, but a way to open communication.
● This Marathon is not just to do something new, but running with a resolve for healthier and
safer society.
● This Marathon is not just about aimless running but to run with a purpose.
“Policemen are citizens in uniform. Citizens are policemen in civils” ​To come together for the Maharashtra Police International Marathon is just the beginning.

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